Square piano by John Broadwood, 1789















Restored by Michael Cole in 2022, this is a structurally sound piano in good playing order. All hammers have their original leather covering. The dampers are all original, but with replaced red cloth. Mahogany case with line inlays of box and ebony. Resting on its original stand. Easy to transport in most hatchback cars. DEFRA reg: 42RTZF5Q

Inscription: Johannes Broadwood Londini fecit 1789 Patent / Great Pulteney Street, Golden Square

Further details, including provenance, on request. Price £4350.



Square Piano by Adam Beyer - playable piano from Beyer's best period, located in a charming Cotswold Manor House.


Inscribed above the keys: Adam Beyer Londini fecit 1777 / Compton Street St Anne's Soho.

Five octaves: FF, GG-f3, [60 notes]. 3 hand-operated stops, in very good condition, currently a little below a=415, but easily returned to that pitch. Tuning hammer included. Original soundboard with no significant faults. The exterior has never been repolished. Inside, very clean and tidy, with good ivories, and hammers in original state. Credible strings by Morleys, about fifteen years ago. Original stand (secured with hand-forged bolts). £4200.

Ivory registration: 8TCKLQPN

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