Harpsichord by Michael Cole, 1990.

Commissioned by David Walters (organ & harpsichord hire) and used in many concerts and recordings. It was made to David's specification — keyboard GG to d3 chromatic, transposing facility baroque pitch or A=440, lightweight and easy to transport. It was damaged about six years ago, but has been thoroughly repaired by Michael Cole. The block registers have been converted to upper and lower. It comes with tuning hammer, music desk, and heavy duty travel bag. Details on request.


Square Piano by John Watlen, c.1815, SOLD


Having made the decision to cease trading, I intend to put all of my stock up for sale. This will include the following instruments:

Clementi & Co. grand piano 1804 — SOLD

William Stodart Square Piano c.1826 — playing, currently tuned at A=415 showing right


Harpsichord by Michael Cole [1990] — playing, transposing keyboard A=415 or A=440 showing above

Clavichord by Adam Swainson, modified by Michael Cole — not playing, only needs new strings

Square Piano by John Broadwood, 1798 — not playing, partially restored SOLD

Square Piano by Leonard Systermans, 1797 — not playing, partially restored

Plus a stock of piano cases, timber and spare parts.


Pictures and further details on request. (Please note: time wasters making vague or general enquiries will not be answered.. only specific enquiries about specific instruments.)



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