Three antique square pianos for sale. These are likely to be the final offering from Michael Cole's restorations.

Broderip & Wilkinson – the date, circa 1798-1800, it has an internal serial number 784.

The touch is very light and responsive. It makes such easy work of classical period ornaments, and stands well in tune.

Dimensions: 165 x 60 [65" x 23"] keyboard height 76cm. Five and a half octaves, FF-c4, an escapement action, giving a much better touch than most pianos of the period. Captive (i.e. 'Irish') dampers, exactly as Clementi's square pianos. Original hammer coverings are in very good condition. New strings. All woollen cloths and leather hinges have been carefully renewed. (They should last for another hundred years.) The original soundboard has been carefully repaired. Currently tuned to A=420. The buyer may decide to settle for A=415, or A=425. The wrestpins are firm and secure: it is no trouble to tune. Further photos and report available on request. Any trial welcome.


John Broadwood & Son, 1808.

Five-and-a-half octave piano with escapement action, giving a pleasant touch and clear tone especially suitable for Haydn and early Beethoven. Signed above the keys: John Broadwwod & Son / Makers to his Majesty & the Princesses / Great Pulteney Street, Golden Square / London 1808. Serial Number: 11372

Equipped with a newly made sustaining pedal, placed under the right foot. Original six screw-in legs with reeded finish and brass collars. Totally refurbished, with new leather and new cloth in all action parts.


Square Piano by Leonard Systermans, Paris, 1797

Five octaves, FF-f3, with the two-lever action, Paris-style over dampers, and four pedals - their functions being 1. buff stop [harp] 2. sustain [dampers] 3. Moderator [part of mechanism unhappily missing but could be rebuilt] 4. swell. The case in sumptious mahogany with exotic inlays, shellack polished to a high gloss. Original ivory keys in good condition.

A very solid instrument, with no measurable twist, and standing well in tune. Currently a=420.

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