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1. Square piano by John Broadwood, London, 1789 - in good playing order. £3900

A very good 18th century piano, stable and dependable. Very presentable, no external damage. The keys, hammers and dampers are all original, and function as they should. This is an instrument that you may sit down and play with no problems. Awaiting strings, which I have made, but are laid aside until I can find the workshop time.

This piano is the standard five-octave type, similar to Mrs. Northye's piano, [except nopedal] with solid mahogany casework, inlaid with a simple line of 'boxwood and ebony'. Original trestle stand. Broadwood's patent action with straight brass under dampers. I expect to complete this in October.

2. Square piano by John Broadwood & Sons, c.1818 -- in good playing order. £4200

A versatile, and dependable instrument of five-and-a-half ocatves, suitable for Haydn or Beethoven, or even Schubert. Comprehensively restored and regulated. Good touch and credible tone. Standing on 6 original legs with brass castors. Modern replacement pedal to operate the dampers [the original is lost]. Available end of August. Pictures to follow.

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