Three very good square pianos, expected to be the last of Michael Cole's restorations to be offered for sale, are scheduled for completion for Easter 2018. All are under restoration and near completion.

They are:

1. Broderip & Wilkinson, FF-c4, circa 1800.

2. Leonard Systermans, FF-f3, 1797 (shown on home page)

3. John Broadwood & Son, FF-c4, 1808. (no photos yet)



Update: 19 February 2018

The piano by Broderip & Wilkinson – after extensive repairs (to rectify previous interventions) a new set of strings is being made and fitted. The hammers are in very good condition, so a good tone and a reliable touch should be the outcome. The furniture work is all completed. It looks good.

The Systermans piano has its new strings already, but the dampers need more work. It will not be released until they work properly.

The Broadwood piano (1808) has a new pedal, making it possible to play in the modern style. As an experiment the pedal has been placed under the right foot (the original pedal was under the left foot but it has not survived).




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