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This website is posted and maintained by Michael Cole, whose home and workshop is in Prestbury, Gloucestershire.

I began making and restoring keyboard instruments in 1974, initially working part-time, but since 1983 it has been my sole employment, specialising in eighteenth-century harpsichords and pianos.

This website makes freely available much of the knowledge gained during three decades of research into historic keyboard instruments, for which I was granted access to museum collections in Britain, Europe, and the USA. Some of this information I have previously published in specialist journals. The earlier results of my research on the history of the piano appeared in The Pianoforte in the Classical Era (Oxford University Press, 1998) which remains a standard work on the subject. Several entries in Grove's Dictionary of Music & Musicians were also written by me, though they do not always have my name attached to them.

PLEASE NOTE: texts, drawings and photographs on this site are copyright materials — mostly owned by me — but some of them are used here by permission, on the understanding that this permission applies only to this website. Please do not copy them. If there is something you want to use, ask first. If I do not own the copyright you must approach the relevant institution, whose details I will give you.

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