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Here you will find reliable information about historic keyboard instruments, their music, and related topics. (This site is scanned and archived by the British Library.)

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As our youtube video featuring a Longman & Broderip piano has passed 7000 views it is pleasing to know (from appreciative emails) that new people are introduced to these charming instruments. (If using the side bar click the yellow text - this links direct.)

Pioneer Piano Makers in London, a paper published in the Royal Musical Association Research Chronicle, continues to be the most popular item from the RMARC site read and/or downloaded more than 1200 times. It features Plenius, Neubauer, & H.B.Vietor.

Frederick Beck, eighteenth-century pianomaker, features in a new publication from Margaret Debenham and Michael Cole in The London Journal. The print version will not be available for some months, but the online version can be accessed by any subscribing academic institution. We are also able to give one-off access to up to fifty readers who are unaffiliated – contact Margaret Debenham or Michael Cole for more information.

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